Are you in the Food, Beverage or Consumer Product industry? Are you a manufacturer, private label group, importer, distributor or printer?

Are you unsure of how to comply with regulations? Do you need help to write compliant label copy or to ensure the label you have designed complies with regulations? Would you like assistance with creating nutrition information and ingredient lists? Do you need help interpreting regulation and setting forth a compliance plan?  Or do you just need some mentoring of your less experienced staff?

If so, you’ve come to the right place at CASEY REGULATORY INC.

CASEY REGULATORY INC. knows how to work with a diverse group of departments and individuals: Marketers, Product Managers, Designers, Printers, Product Developers, Quality Assurance, Communications, Public Relations and Legal.

We are highly skilled, knowledgeable and have years of experience in Canadian and U.S. Food, Beverage and Consumer Product regulations.  We also have experience in Nutrition, Quality Assurance and Sustainability.  We are well positioned to help you in your next product launch.



Sherry Casey is Principal Consultant at Casey Regulatory Inc. and has over 25 years of Regulatory Affairs and Compliance expertise in the Food, Beverages and Consumer Products sectors.  Sherry is also well versed in the complimentary areas of Quality Assurance, Nutrition and Sustainability having worked at a top retailer in Canada on their private label program in a senior leadership position for many years.


Sherry is well known in the industry for developing compliant solutions that meet your business marketing needs and offering exceptional strategic advice. Check out “Regulatory Services” to see what Casey Regulatory Inc. can do for you.

Regulatory SERVICES

Regulatory Compliance

Label or Advertisement Compliance Review

Label Copy Development

Label and Regulation Compliance Auditing

Label Redesign Planning to Meet New Regulations

Product and Nutrition Claim Compliance Assurance

Food and Product Safety Compliance Advice

Recall Plan Development and Mock Simulations

Product Development

Product and Nutrition Claim Marketing Advice

MarketingStrategy for Special Needs: Gluten-Free; Lactose-Free; Kosher; Food Allergies

Product Profile Evaluations for Meeting and Improving Healthy Nutrition Criteria

Nutrition Facts Nutrient Calculation Development

Policy Development

Regulation Analysis and Planning

Policy Development for Meeting Compliance

Government Relations

Government Contacts Introduction

Government Applications: Temporary Marketing Approvals, Supplemented Food Application; Packaging Reviews

Government Relations Strategies

Government Advocacy Letters

Training/ Mentoring

Mentoring Less Experienced Staff

Training and Refresher Seminars

Guidance Manual Development