Health Canada allows the use of Carob Bean Gum and Xanthan Gum in Mincemeat

Health Canada on September 26, 2017, made modification to the list of permitted emulsifying, gelling, stabilizing or thickening agents to enable the use of carob bean gum and xanthan gum in mincemeat.

Health Canada extends the use of Citric Acid and Asparaginase

Health Canada on October 3, 2017, made modification to the list of permitted food additives to extend the use of citric acid and asparaginase added to blackstrap molasses destined for the manufacture of confectionery glazes for snack foods and for the use of asparaginase in green coffee.

Health Canada moves forward with prohibiting the use of Partially Hydrogenated Oils in foods

Health Canada has published the Notice of Modification: Prohibiting the Use of Partially Hydrogenated Oils (PHOs) in Foods (Ref. No. NOM/ADM-C-2017-3) confirming its decision to proceed with prohibiting the use of PHOs by means of an amendment to Part 1 of the List of Contaminants and Other Adulterating Substances in Foods (the List). The prohibition will take effect the day on which PHOs are added to the List, which Health Canada will be amending 12 months from the date of publication of the Notice of Modification. This one-year transition period will provide manufacturers time to reformulate their products

Health Canada seeks input from the Food Service Sector on sodium in foods

As part of Health Canada’s Healthy Eating Strategy, one area of focus is sodium reduction in prepared foods sold in Canada through foodservice outlets (for example restaurants and caterers), including home meal replacements sold through retailers.

Health Canada is seeking information from the foodservices sector (for example restaurants, caterers, institutions, suppliers, distributors and retailers selling home meal replacements) to better understand current factors influencing sodium levels in food served in foodservice outlets.
Health Canada will be using this information to develop a sodium reduction strategy specific to this sector in the near future. This call for information is a great opportunity for stakeholders to provide input to help inform these new initiatives as they move forward.
Stakeholders are invited to provide input on their sodium reduction experience in the foodservices sector. The call for information is open until November 20, 2017.