Regulatory SERVICES

Regulatory Compliance

Label or Advertisement Compliance Review

Label Copy Development

Label and Regulation Compliance Auditing

Label Redesign Planning to Meet New Regulations

Product and Nutrition Claim Compliance Assurance

Food and Product Safety Compliance Advice

Recall Plan Development and Mock Simulations

Product Development

Product and Nutrition Claim Marketing Advice

MarketingStrategy for Special Needs: Gluten-Free; Lactose-Free; Kosher; Food Allergies

Product Profile Evaluations for Meeting and Improving Healthy Nutrition Criteria

Nutrition Facts Nutrient Calculation Development

Policy Development

Regulation Analysis and Planning

Policy Development for Meeting Compliance

Government Relations

Government Contacts Introduction

Government Applications: Temporary Marketing Approvals, Supplemented Food Application; Packaging Reviews

Government Relations Strategies

Government Advocacy Letters

Training/ Mentoring

Mentoring Less Experienced Staff

Training and Refresher Seminars

Guidance Manual Development